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Café Chococraze has been offering a wide range of innovative products from premium chocolates, coffees, western food products. We serve the high quality and finest range of Thick Coffee, Chocolick B, Chocolick M also popularly known as Cadbee and Cadmm. A flock of refreshing and mind boggling beverages with an authentic taste. To add to the saga we have variety of lip smacking street food on the menu.

We have an overwhelming response from customers all around India, they love our fabulous foods and drinks. Our continuum efforts and approaches in making our product portfolio better will be ongoing.

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Hungry??? Want to try some delicious chocolate and sides? Rush to your nearest Café Choco Craze franchise and grab your bite! We are here, we are there, we are everywhere! If you could not locate us physically, just google us, `Café Choco Craze near me’, and we assure you we will pop up near you!

But why try Café Choco Craze? It’s simple – we are the best in what we bake, and we are proud of that! We are one of the best Café outlets in India providing mouth-watering dishes such as Pizzas, Garlic Breads, Burgers, Fries, Sandwiches, Cag-B, and Brownies. What we specialize are the best in country Chocolicks and Frolicks. We have been frothing Chocolicks and baking bread since 2009, eight years of legacy of deliciousness.

We serve a variety of Chocolicks, eleven to be exact, but our most popular Chocolicks are Chocolick B and Chocolick M. Our Chocolicks are a perfect blend of frozen milk, chocolate paste, and chocolate crush. Tempting, isn’t it?

If you are a die-hard fan of Cold Coffee, we have a treat for you, we have Frolicks for you! Our Frolicks are a great blend of cold milk and our secret coffee, a blend you will never forget. Our best of Frolicks are Frolick with the crush, Dark Choco Filling Frolick, Crusher Frolick. Our feature Cold Coffee is best to begin and end your day with. Our Frolicks are most happening of all our drinks, just saying!

What more would you ask from your Food God? Chocolate and more Chocolate…so much of it that you will find your own Chocolate heaven, isn’t it? We are no Food God, but we pretend to be one! Here, we bring to you, Choco Craze Specialty, Hot Choco Shot. Now melt in pleasure and happy sensations, and forget about the worries and problems in life!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on a bike or get in a car, ask around or google us, and get to the crazy food heaven, aptly called Café Choco Craze, your food abode!

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